One Light Flash Photography

One Light Flash Photography

Professional Quality Lighting on a Budget

Adam Duckworth, John Denton


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The flash unit is the most versatile tool in the photographers armoury, but very few photographers use it to anything like its full potential. In this practical, richly illustrated handbook, John Denton and Adam Duckworth show how it is possible to achieve surprising results, from atmospheric, shadowy portraits, to strikingly coloured daylight shots, using only your DSLR and a single flash unit. Photographers will learn how to use a flashs unique properties to save a fortune in expensive lighting equipment, but more importantly, they will broaden their range, and create striking, dramatic images with all the punch and impact of the very moment of the flash itself. Allows the reader to make the most of equipment they already have Surprising How do they do that? images and hard-working lighting diagrams Projects, work-throughs, tips and tricks from respected professionals